Hello, welcome to St Judes Project: 


               Helping kids become productive citizens 

                          that contribute to our Canada.            

         We know when we were down and a friend, family

        member or stranger gave us a helping hand, our self

              worth was raised and we got on with our life.

                  Helping those less fortunate than our self  

                  nourishes our spirit and has lifted many 

                            out of their own depression.  


                   St Judes Project welcomes your help   

                       of our society's homeless youth 

                 including through your own direct efforts.

                  Homeless youth's 2 primary needs are 

                      housing and support resources 

              especially education necessary to gain a job.


                       These require significant funds.

             To acquire these funds, we provide entertainment 

                 party-events but your direct donations are 

                a necessity to help these kids from ending up  

                in the streets on tax payer supported welfare.

                           Our kids' needs are great so 

                       Be great, please give generously,



       Questions? Email them to us and/or if you want to help 

          our homeless kids by contributing your personal time 

             and/or money-resources and we will respond:

                                 stjudesproject@ican.net   Thank you.